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Dentures can slip, fall out and just be all around uncomfortable! With All-on-4®, teeth are fixed into place through the use of dental implants. This means you can have a beautiful smile again without the pain and discomfort!
#RootCanalTreatment (#RCT) When the pulp (nerve & blood supply) of a tooth has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury, root canal therapy may be carried out to save the tooth. #Rootcanal therapy involves the removal of the pulp and repair of the tooth so that it is free of pain whilst remaining functional in the mouth. Common symptoms associated with pulpal damage included; Hot and/or cold sensitivity Pain or tenderness on biting Multiple tests are carried out by our experienced dental professionals to ensure that a correct diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment is carried out. At Sachdeva Dental we use advanced modern equipment to ensure the procedure is as fast and comfortable for our patients whilst maintaining high quality care. Our caring staff will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during each procedure and will discuss all your individual treatment needs with you prior to starting any treatment.
A beautiful smile begins with strong and healthy #gums, which protect tooth roots and the jawbone from infection. Our mission to protect gum tissue from infection, preventing permanent damage, or restoring gums and teeth after eliminating bacteria. Our Dental practice offers a range of comprehensive procedures to care for your gums and teeth. We accept referrals and collaborate with general dentists to ensure our patients obtain full oral health. Some of our treatments include: • Periodontal Treatments • Laser Treatments with lasers • Dental Sedation • Dental Implant Placement • Crown Lengthening • Bone Grafting We begin treatment with a thorough examination, where we take time to connect with patients and discuss their dental history. Our kind staff is warm and welcoming but provides effective treatment so your day is not interrupted. We offer you the same respect and care we reserve for our own families, paying individual attention to address your needs and listen to your concerns. With all our procedures, we emphasize safety and cleanliness that supports a positive periodontal experience. It is our mission to deliver comfortable dental care in a pleasant environment, giving every patient their best opportunity to achieve lifelong oral health. For more Information : Call Dr.Rajat Sachdeva +0919818894041 or Email :
we strive to provide you with the best, most comfortable treatment possible. Our state of the art facility and our use of the latest technology allow us to detect and treat endodontic conditions with precision and efficiency, and minimum levels of discomfort during and after the procedures. To learn more about our practice, take a look around our website. Call us or fill out our appointment request form to schedule your appointment today! For more information, you can book an appointment at Dr Sachdeva's Dental Aesthetic And Implant Institute, I 101, Ashok Vihar Phase 1, Delhi- 110052 Contact us at • Phone : +919818894041, 01142464041 • Our Websites: • • • • • • Google+ link: • Facebook link: • Youtube link: • Linkedin link: • Slideshare link : • Twitter Page : • Instagram page :
Look ma , no cavities 😎😍😍😍 creating great #smiles We are committed to making your child’s dental care easy, comfortable, enjoyable, and even educational.
The future is here. Utilising patented #digitalplanning technology, your X-rays are transformed into a #3Dprintedsurgicalguide or stent. The stent is then locked into place in the mouth during surgery and #implants are placed through this guide in the precise pre-planned positions. The major advantage of the #guidedsurgical technique is the minimal amount of manipulation of the soft tissue due to #keyholesurgery. This often reduces the healing time and discomfort that may be associated with traditional #dentalimplant surgical techniques.
Full mouth reconstruction can reverse years of aging and neglect, so you can smile with confidence again. By seeking full mouth reconstruction, you can move past pain and discomfort and smile knowing you’re just one step away from a healthy, functioning smile. To learn more about full mouth reconstruction in delhi and the restorative dental treatments involved, contact our office today.
Dr.Sachdeva's Dental Institute is a Delhi based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using state-of-the-art dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers and more We are designed to cater to our patient’s comfort as well as their dental needs. Every aspect of our dental clinic, from the materials we use to the innovative digital equipment that we employ, is of the highest quality and technology. our entire team continuously strives to provide our patients with modern advancements in dentistry while providing the utmost in patient care. Dr. Rajat Sachdeva and his staff invites you to schedule an appointment by calling +919818894041 and experience why our patients think we are the best dentist in Delhi.
Some #teeth have a lot of nerve to bother you.. to know more about root canals Contact Dr.Rajat +919818894041. To provide world class Endodontic dentistry services And provide an atmosphere of special patient care while utilizing advanced technology. We employ a proactive staff that embodies good humor, style and overwhelming attention to each of our patients needs. We ensure a positive caring environment while maintaining exceptional professionalism in Endodontics. In doing so, we assist our patient's to a higher level of oral health and overall well being through quality, care and comfort.