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Congratulations Dr.Barkha for concluding CERTIFIED TRAINING TOWARDS EXCELLENCE IN ENDODONTICS PUTTING KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY TO SERVING OUR PATIENTS Dr.Rajat Sachdeva brings a balance of didactic and hands-on approach to mastering the art of modern endodontics. It is aimed at helping clinicians who enjoy the practice of endodontics and who wish to enhance their ability to better serve their patients “in-house.” Live Patient “Endodon-tricks” delivers by a tsunami of information that at once reiterates the core principles of clinical endodontics, and brings about the latest and greatest innovations. “Endodon-tricks and Surg & Rescue”… a Comprehensive Approach to Modern Endodontic Concepts and Techniques by Dr.Rajat. Clinically-relevant, effective, and efficient endodontics like you have never been shown before. Attain ultimate profits and obtain endodontic excellence through the synergistic combination of technology, teamwork and smart scripting. “Mud Run with Reciprocation with rotary techniques” … Hands-on strategies and solutions for enhanced success From Access: planning the CBCT-assisted “surgical strike” and safe access into hyper-calcified canals Retreatment: strategies and in-depth step-by-step protocols to avoid referring retreatment cases out.
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