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Immediate Implants

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Immediate implants are defined as "the placement of dental implant immediately into fresh extraction socket site after tooth extraction" In addition,with immediate implant placement there is minimal use of surgical drills because the socket is already found except for slight increase of the socket length in an attempt to improve primary stability. In this modern era of Implant dentistry today Dr. Rajat Sachdeva at his Sachdeva's Dental Institute in New Delhi offers Immediate Implants with Immediate Loading - Immediate Functioning. ISSUES & STEPS TO CONSIDER First of all, broken tooth is removed very carefully so that bone & the tooth socket is not damaged. It will become the receptor site for the dental implant. if any bone walls of the socket is damaged or lost, it could lead to unsightly gum recession or the possibility of having to end the procedure rather than risk a poor result. Secondly, it is critical to place the implant so that it is stable & non-movable in the bone. The bone around an implant heals by fusing to the implant's specialized titanium surface by a process called Osseointegration ( "osseo" -bone; "integrate" -fusion). IMMEDIATE LOADING - IMMEDIATE FUNCTION IMPLANTS It means you will have a tooth on your dental implant within 24-48 hours of surgery. It's important that you understand the risks, benefits & alternatives regarding single tooth implant placement & timing. Immediate single tooth implant placement does have some risks. If your recent implant & crown receive too much pressure or force too soon, the attachment of implant to bone could fail. You must be careful during the first 6-8 weeks during healing. Follow your dentist's recommendations regarding aftercare.

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